There’s a first time for everything – just be prepared!

If this is your first time, then you might want to read through some of the notes below including the tab with frequently asked questions. The Lover’s Gift tab includes information on gift vouchers I can offer that allow you to treat a friend or partner.

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Your first Priti Bodies wax

Excuse the pun, but there’s no point in beating about the bush here. You’ll need to strip off from the waist down, so swallow your pride and be prepared! Just be clear on one thing: I AM A PROFESSIONAL WAXER AND THAT IS ALL there are no extras or massage. So no time wasters please. Any funny business or dirty talk and you’re out the door – NO EXCEPTIONS, NO EXCUSES.

Please note: I will not do a full wax for under 16 years old unless it is for medical reasons and parent has given consent and is present at time of treatment.
Allow at least 3 weeks growth for legs.
Allow at least 7-10 days growth for under arms.

I’d also really appreciate it if you could arrive fresh and clean – I’ve never had to refuse a client before on hygiene grounds, but there’s a first time for everything!

But don’t go too overboard with the pre-treatment pampering – try to avoid moisturising creams and oils and they can hinder the adhesive properties of the wax.

Because it’s your first wax, we don’t know how your skin will react – hopefully, all you’ll be left with is dreamy, peachy skin, but we need to minimise the chances of an adverse reaction. I wouldn’t be doing my job properly if I didn’t exercise a little caution for your first few visits.

Until your skin is thoroughly wax-wise, avoid any chemicals being applied to your skin for 48 hours after treatment, and these in particular:

  • Sunbathing (fat chance of that with our summers, anyway!)
  • Deodrants and perfumed toiletries
  • Swimming in chlorinated water
  • Sun beds
  • Spas
  • Saunas and hot tubs

Other common questions

Q: When should I come back?

A: Usually, you’ll start to notice the very beginnings of re-growth within three weeks and then more substantial re-growth after that. It’s totally your call as to when you re-book, but the more regularly you return, the less those short and curlies will!

Start off at four-week intervals for the first few visits. This will help to scupper your hair’s normal growth pattern and then you’ll be able to leave bigger intervals between appointments.

Q: When can’t I wax?

A: I refuse to use products which are loaded with unnecessary chemicals, additives and perfumes, but even so, the process of hair removal can be inadvisable for certain skin conditions and under certain medical circumstances.

YOU MUST TELL ME if you are using any kind of acne treatment, or acid peels, or have done so recently – even up to six months ago. These make the skin hypersensitive and could cause the skin to burn if it is waxed.

This is particularly important if you’ve ever used Roaccutane, Retin-A, or any steroid creams, all of which can thin the skin.

As with any beauty treatment, you’re best advised to tell me about any medication you’re taking and keep me updated with each visit.

Also, some people find they are more sensitive at certain times of their menstrual cycle, so ladies, try to be aware of this.

Q: When can I go on a sunbed again?

A: Still on those? I’d leave it at least 24 hours, and likewise with a glycolic (acid) peel.

Q: How long does my hair have to be?

A: Normally, Lycon and Perron Rigot make mince meat out of hairs as short as 2mm, but if it’s your first visit, we need to make sure we get a firm hold on the situation in hand. Therefore, I’d suggest you let your hair grow just a little more than I’d normally need – say a quarter of an inch?

Q: If I’m really prone to in-grown hairs, is there anything I can do in addition to prevent them?

A: As I’ve said, because the hair removal systems I use are so efficient, you really shouldn’t get any in-grown hairs. It’s possible that if you’ve had them in the past, it may take a couple of sessions for your skin to settle down to this new, better way, but if you want to make doubly sure they don’t recur, use a loofah on the skin after a couple of days and make sure you moisturise daily.

If your skin looks a bit bumpy, don’t worry – this should only last a couple of hours. I find applying a simple antiseptic cream brings it down even quicker.

…And no sneaky shaving or tweezing in between visits!

Q: How much does it hurt?

A: Let’s put it this way – if you’ve experienced child birth, you’ll walk it….But seriously, the one thing which my clients all say after their first wax was that it wasn’t anywhere near as painful as they thought it would be.

And that’s all down to the way the wax clings to every single hair – there’s no need to wrench it away.

Just be prepared for a stinging sensation, a bit like a slap – the feeling doesn’t last long (between 5 and 10 seconds) and the more you wax, the less it hurts, honest.

Q: Who are my clients?

A: Come along, now, I’m not going to tell you that! I have had a good few celebrities on my books over the years, but generally speaking, my clients are everyday people, male and female, gay and straight, married and single and ranging in age from 16 to 75. I’m pretty sure you’ll recognise yourself in there somewhere!

The Ultimate Lover's Gift

As I’ve already mentioned, intimate waxing can work wonders for bedroom behaviour and help forge a deeper, renewed intimacy between established sexual partners.

It’s also a fantastic and unique way to treat a friend who needs a bit of a pick-me-up.

I am happy to provide gift vouchers to enable more of your friends, lovers and family to experience the ultimate in body waxing for themselves.

And if hair removal is something you’ve discussed with your partner before, why not book a double appointment and try a little synchronised streamlining?

If your partner is shortly due to give birth, a Priti Bodies gift voucher could help them avoid the often heavy-handed, impersonal scalping they may receive at some hospitals.

It certainly beats a candlelit dinner in the gift originality stakes, anyway!