George Dryden, health blogger and journalist,

I’ve been an ardent fan of Priti’s formidable waxing skills for many years now; I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

But as with all things, just as you think something can’t possible get any better, it does.

And in this instance, I’m talking specifically about a new wax which Priti has just introduced to her repertoire.

The tried and long-trusted formulas are still available, but after having experienced Peron Rigot’s Intimate 4, I can’t imagine why anyone in their right mind would want to stick with what they know.

As you may already know, Priti’s waxes – all of them – stand head and shoulders above standard salon waxes, particularly for the bikini line.

But Intimate 4 goes another stage further. Like the other high-performance, low-irritation waxes, Intimate 4 is non-chemical and removes even the sheath that each hair grows in, meaning it takes noticeably longer to grow back.

And likewise, it makes ingrown hairs a genuine rarity.

But the best thing about it is that it’s ALMOST PAIN-FREE. If you suffer from a low pain threshold, or simply don’t want to feel tantamount to anything, you need to give this new wax a go on your next visit.

As a die-hard, veteran bikini wax client, I’ve got pretty used to the specific sections of the treatment that cause  me a sharp intake of breath and a facial expression usually associated with wasp stings and sour lemons.

So there I was, bracing myself, getting ready for the off (quite literally).

But nothing. Not even a micro-flinch. Amazing.

And within minutes, my newly-streamlined skin wasn’t even slightly pink.

Given that the formula is infused with coconut oil, sunflower seed oil and rosemary leaf extract, that should hardly come as a surprise. But it still did.

And it’s also anti-infection and anti-bacterial.

But even better than that is the fact that although you can probably count the number of Intimate 4-wielding professionals in the UK on one hand, Priti is keeping her prices exactly the same, whichever wax you go for.

But unless you’ve a tendency towards masochism, there really is no decision to make. Intimate 4 is the only way to go.