Are you ready to wave goodbye to angry, sore skin and unsightly ingrown hairs forever?

If you’re after hair free, satin smooth skin, then you’ve come to the right place!

By using the two best waxes in the world to give you the ultimate waxing experience, ensures that you won’t get sore skin and in growing hairs. Leaving you with soft smooth skin and an inner confidence, no more shaving rashes! Treatments are virtually pain free. Both waxes are made from the finest resins, aromatherapy oils and organic ingredients and grip hair as short as 1-2mm.

However the wax is only as good as the therapist and Priti makes sure that you have the best waxing experience ever. There is no rushing you in and out, time is taken to settle and reassure you, the treatment is explained, discussed and carried out without embarrassment. If you have ever wanted a brazilian wax and were to scared or maybe you have had a previous bad experience a visit to Priti in Whetstone will change your mindset and rid you of your fear!

Priti Coles is one of the UK’s leading intimate waxers.

Her clients include celebrities, film stars, athletes and people from all walks of life.

A highly regarded trainer for Lycon she has appeared on several television programs and in The Daily Mail, Sunday Mail, Tattler, Vogue, Leicestershire and Rutland life, Niche, Aspirations and other lifestyle magazines.

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