Comments from happy customers

I always feel comfortable and at ease with Priti. The whole experience is virtually painless, very relaxed and extremely effective long term.
T. Marshall, Leicestershire

I’ve been using Priti for Hollywood waxing since 2003. From the moment I met her, I felt instantly relaxed and comfortable with her. I now see Priti every month for a wax and cannot fault her professionalism, her expertise and her attention to detail. The wax she uses is definitely different to that which you would get in a regular salon and is very effective – it’s nowhere near as painful as you would expect it to be. You also don't get that horrid red blotchiness you get with regular wax and it doesn't give you ingrown hairs either!! What more can I say? If you’re a wax virgin as I was, don't bother trying anyone else first.
Nadea Park, Leicester

I remember going to see Priti for the first time, I felt so awkward and nervous. What can I say? Four years on and I’m a regular visitor to Priti’s friendly de-fuzzing zone. I doubt anyone could make you feel more at ease – and do such a great job!
GD, Leicester

I gave up on waxing years ago, find the results painful, expensive and they didn’t last long. I heard about Priti and ended up booking an appointment along with my husband, who was keen to have a go too!
He had tried at a male salon once before and the results were a disaster - the technician was not use to waxing straight men and felt embarrassed and nervous.
You were so sweet and easy to get on with that we booked an appointment immediately.
My husband had his chest, arm pits, buttocks and boy’s bits done, he loved it! For warm weather, sport and intimate times it is cleaner, cooler, more comfortable and hygienic. I also loved him being smooth.
Re-growth was slow and finer, he had no irritation or spots and is now a regular. We joke that you are the other woman in his life as you get to see him naked every other month!
As for me, the eternal wimp - I had my first Brazilian, then my first Hollywood and what a sexy miss it made me feel! More importantly, it was relatively painless. I have a low pain threshold and even I sailed through the procedure.
The wax is very different to the ones I have tried in the past which obviously makes a difference, however I feel that it is just as much your skill that makes it easier and not embarrassing for either of us.”
Nicky & Paul Davies Leicester

What do you require from waxing? The obvious answer is a painless experience. At Priti`s, you get a lot more: a friendly greeting on arrival and a very pleasant and well-equipped treatment room. As treatment begins, your anxieties rapidly disappear by the very painless methods and special waxes used to remove the hair - and the friendly and wide-ranging conversation. Before you know it, the session has finished and before you know it, you are on your way home.

You won’t know how good it is until you’ve had the treatment done. I cannot recommend Priti highly enough and if it is your first time then it is essential you pay her a visit - you will never regret it!
Owen, London

For those guys out there considering having some form of waxing treatment (possibly for the first-time), I can most certainly reassure you that from my own experiences (both first-time and now on a regular basis), that in Priti you will find a professional therapist who not only does a first-class job, but manages to create a friendly and relaxing environment where you will be made to feel totally at ease and not embarrassed in the slightest.
(Male Client)

I have been regularly visiting Priti over the last four years, and I can honestly say that on every occasion I have always been made to feel very comfortable and extremely welcome, and through her professional therapist qualities as well as her friendly and likeable disposition have always found my waxing treatment to be an enjoyable and satisfying experience.
(Male Client)