Why should I wax?

The decision to remove any type of body hair is a highly personal one. Forget fickle fashion fads – intimate hair removal is a viable life choice, no matter what your age, sexual orientation or gender – so go ahead and exercise your right to choose hair-free, satin-smooth skin today!

The benefits are endless and many, with positive effects on your pocket, your self esteem, your skin and most importantly…..your sex life!

The basic ones such as reduced body odour, improved hygiene, and being better streamlined for sport are pretty obvious, but here are some others you may not have thought about…..

Rapid Re-growth Reduction

Did you know that you could reduce your hair re-growth by as much as 50, 60, or even 80 per cent within a few years of regular treatments? It all depends on your hair type and growth patterns, but this decline in growth happens much more quickly with my method of precision waxing than it does with conventional waxing.

No more in-grown hairs!

If you’ve ever gone in for a traditional in-salon pruning, or done a little DIY depilation at home, it’s more than likely that you’ve experienced the misery and discomfort of in-grown hairs.

If you know what I’m talking about, you’ll also know that it’s almost enough to put you off any kind of hair removal for life, especially if you’ve had to visit your GP for a course of antibiotics as a result!

This is a situation I can guarantee is highly unlikely to happen to a Priti Bodies client, not least because of the genius way the special-formula wax clings to EVERY HAIR and pulls it out good and proper. Because of this, it will not snap the hair off at skin level – the root cause of every in-grown hair you’ve ever had!

Why I’ll never leave you looking like a freshly-plucked chicken…

You’ll know from using conventional wax that because of the higher temperatures needed to melt the wax and because the method needed to whip off the wax, your skin often reacts by coming up in slightly red, raised rash – not a good look – especially if you have a romantic evening planned for later!

Because the waxes I use have such low melting points, your skin is unlikely to react in that way. And because I simply peel the wax gently away from your skin, it will never pull or drag. On your first time, your skin may be slightly pinker than normal, but within an hour or two, you won’t know you’ve had anything done, apart from having impossibly caressable, irresistible skin like you’ve never experienced before.

What’s more, you’ll never find those annoying, sticky patches that stick to your clothes, because my waxes never leave a residue.

Keep it Trim

One of the biggest downers about conventional waxing is that you have to let your hair grow pretty long before a technician will consider going anywhere near it with a wax pot.

But with the natural waxes I use, your hair can be whisked clean away when it’s as short as 2mm in intimate areas, meaning you don’t have to do a convincing impression of a walking carpet before you can come back for your next treatment.

And because my wax removes the very first element of hair growth – the hair sheath – you’ll also be longer in between visits than the average 4-week turnaround time of normal wax treatments.

For the normal strip wax service I offer on areas such as legs, it’s a little longer – a quarter of an inch

Cleanliness is next to sex-godliness…

One obvious advantage is that you’re minimising the places where germs and bacteria can sneak in and multiply. Not only will your partner love you for this, but it could have certain bedroom benefits for you too!

And that can all only be fantastic news for your pocket – and for your skin!